I’m Jo & the face behind Kemp Town Counselling. Originally heralding from the Midlands, I made Brighton my hometown over a decade ago. It’s where I became a wife and mother, & both of those events are what propelled me into therapy!

Becoming a Mother meant having to navigate the loss of my identity, constantly reflecting on how I was raised (and if I wanted to raise my own children in the same manner). Coupled with the expectations I felt society placed upon me as a Mother, and how my relationship with my partner shifted and evolved, I turned to personal therapy to help me understand my Self on a deeper level. 


“the most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering."

- Ben Okri

After enjoying the benefits that therapeutic work had offered me personally, I decided to change career and not to return to my role within project management. It's through my training & relationships with clients that I've had the pleasure of experiencing the power of change, both theirs and mine. And that's what continues to inspire me.

You can discover more about me personally through my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and blog.


I’ve been involved with parenting groups in Brighton since 2010. Most notably, my friend & I set up and ran ‘Bosom Buddies’ (a breastfeeding in public support group) and ‘Brighton Sling Babies’ (a babywearing community and sling library). I’ve enjoyed volunteering with likeminded parenting and mother groups, and this has helped me to understand the rich tapestry of motherhood and myself, as a mother.

I’m currently a Director of a management consultancy firm and I spent years working as a licensed project manager. Having to identify and manage risks, facilitate effective communication and work to deadlines has afforded me with lots of skills that are transferrable and applicable to psychotherapy.

As part of my professional development as a psychotherapy practitioner, I’ve been a volunteer therapist at an inner city college in the Midlands working predominately with an 18+ age group. Seeing clients within this setting has meant an incredibly diverse demographic who have wide-ranging reasons for referral. My work with them often focussed on them finding their own voice, autonomy, feeling safe to express their feelings. their parental relationships and to embrace their vulnerabilities in the face of tragedy.

More recently, I’ve undertaken shorter-term focussed sessions with families and carers of substance users. This entails either agreeing a psychological contract (what they would like to change about themselves or their life) from the outset or working on an emerging contract (where there’s not a specific goal but an exploration to see what’s present for them).

I’m also a therapist within an NHS service, offering counselling interventions over 6 sessions to members of staff.

Due to the nature of my clinical & voluntary work, I’ve a experience of working with anxiety, trauma and post-traumatic growth. In addition to parents, mothers/daughters (and their relationships).

With all therapeutic work, I have an experienced supervisor to ensure I continue to excel with my professional standards and development.