Frequently asked questions about therapy

How much does it cost?
All individual weekly appointments are £50 per 50 minute session.

Weekend and Weekly Group therapy is available throughout the year. Please see events for more information.

What experience/special interests do you offer?
Each therapist has unique experience or areas of interest.

Jo is an honorary psychotherapist within an NHS service offering counselling interventions to members of staff. Prior to this, her clinical experience included working with families and carers of substance users and young adults in an education setting. As a humanistic therapist meaning my specialism is the human experience - past, present & future. Jo also has an interest in parenthood, relationships, depression & trauma.

Ruth is an honorary therapist at Sussex Community Development Association (SCDA), offering adult counselling in Eastbourne and youth counselling in Newhaven. Prior to this, Ruth worked with Cruse Bereavement Care as a Counsellor, the Samaritans as a Listener, and the Tarner Project in Brighton as a Youth Worker. Her working experience includes depression, mild to moderate disordered eating, bereavement and loss, and later-life/third-life transitions.

Are the therapists qualified?
Yes. All therapists are accredited with either the National Counselling Society (NCS) or British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP).

What model of therapy is used?
Kemp Town Counselling works within the Humanistic modality where the core principle is that with the appropriate conditions a person will always move to a place of growth.

How will you help?
By co-creating a safe, authentic relationship the therapist will assist in establishing conditions that are ripe for increasing self-awareness, becoming more in-touch with emotions and thoughts, identifying patterns of behaviour and bodily awareness in order to promote a sense of autonomy.
The therapist might incorporate psycho-education into sessions - understanding how the brain and body work. Sometimes a therapist may use mindfulness techniques, free-hand art or journalling, suggest books or articles of interest and insightful videos.

How do I know if I’ve picked the right therapist?
The National Counselling Society offer some useful points for consideration when looking for a therapist and that information is here.
At Kemp Town Counselling, the therapeutic relationship is vital in ensuring you get the most from therapy. Clients describe the therapists as warm, attentive and knowledgeable.

What if I don't like therapy/my therapist?
That could be a good thing - meaning a person is one step closer to finding the therapist who is right for them ;) If a client decides that therapy isn't quite what they expected it to be then your therapist will recommend it’s discussed in session. Reason being, there may be an emerging contract that needs to come to light where there is perhaps have an unmet need in the therapeutic relationship.

How do I arrange a phone consultation or book a session?
Via the online form, email or contact numbers. All queries are answered within 48hrs, (excluding Bank Holidays and weekends). Alternatively, session can be booked directly via Harley Therapy.

How do I pay?
Payment can be made in session as cash or card.

Sessions booked through the Harley Platform, arrange payment of sessions independent of Kemp Town Counselling. If you’ve queries relating to their online payment/booking system then please contact them directly. We can provide the relevant contact information.

Is there parking?
There's a small amount of on-street parking in the surrounding area. If travelling by bus then the nearest stops are the Law Courts or Old Steine and there are several cycle racks nearby.

What if I can't make an appointment?
All missed or cancelled sessions incur the session fee.

What if I'm running late?
All therapists have their phone on 5 minutes before scheduled appointments. Please call or text to let your therapist know you’re late. The remainder of the allocated session time is yours upon arrival.

How confidential are you? Would you ever pass my information to anyone? (Police/ GP/ SS)
Confidentiality is key in the therapeutic relationship as it facilitates building trust. However, the Law states there are situations whereby therapists may need to inform other agencies. For example: if there's a risk of harm or neglect to a child then there’s a duty of care under The Children's Act 1989. In any other circumstances, your therapist will attempt to speak with you in the first instance so that you can co-create the best approach for ensuring you get any additional support you may need.

How long until I can expect an answer to an email/voicemail/appointment booking? All queries are answered within 2 working days.

What if I'm in crisis, can I have an emergency appointment?
In crisis, contact the mental health rapid response service (MHRRS) on 0300 304 0078, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's important that if you're at risk that it's handled as an emergency. You're important.

How long do I have to be in therapy for?
Counselling tends to be open-ended with no set number of sessions. Some clients find it beneficial to agree a set number of sessions as it allows them to plan for the financial and time commitment. This is something to discuss with your therapist.

What if I want to finish counselling?
All good things come to an end. You therapist might ask how and why you wish to end, as it all benefits the therapeutic process.

Can I follow you on social media?
Yes. Kemp Town Counselling is on most social media platforms.

To discuss your therapy needs, or book a session, get in touch