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12 week Group Therapy - for Mothers
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12 week Group Therapy - for Mothers

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This is a weekly, 12 session group therapy experience for Mothers.
Suitable for mothers of all ages and stages - with newborn, toddler, infant, teenage or young person.

Motherhood can be a time of transition - understanding your role as a parent, the anxiety and stress that brings, the wrangle with your sense of identity and the potential sense of loneliness or experience of low-moods. Group therapy allows you to meet, and be met, in genuine and authentic relationships. The dynamics and power of group means that a sense of connection is cultivated through the stories we share and how we share them with others.

Humankind are social creatures, and yet with more and more technological ways of connecting we’ve never felt more disconnected. The idea of group therapy may seem unusual or intimidating - it’s perfectly natural to have a concern as to who the other members of the group might be, will you like them and how exactly does it ‘work’? The group is a closed group, with a maximum of 6 members. That is, once the group membership is filled then all participants stay for the 12 sessions with no new member intake. That way, the group cohesiveness and confidentiality is protected and managed. Group therapy was the grandfather of modern day individual therapy, and ‘works’ by forming solid, genuine attachments and understanding ourselves in relation to others - promoting reflection, self-awareness, connection and growth.

This is a facilitated but unstructured group, so there’s no set themes yet a group theme can often emerge. Sessions begin at 10:00am and finish at 11:30am, with future dates TBC.

Costs: £240 total - £20 per session equivalent.

Attendance: It’s expected that you’ll attend each session for the 12 weeks.

Facilitator: Jo Aldred. You can find more about her here.

Location: Brighton

For attendees of the Weekly Group Therapy for mothers, a general outline for sessions is:

09.50 - Arrival & Welcome

10.00 - Group Time

11.30  - Finish

Light refreshments are provided.

If you’d like to know more or be on the mailing list, then please send a contact via the online form. If you’re unable to join this group then please do ask to be put on the mailing list for future groups.

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