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Do you sometimes feel that life is a cycle of anxiety, stress or overwhelm? That getting motivated about your day is a struggle? Perhaps you’re visiting this page because you’d like to see if counselling would be of benefit to you or how therapy might help. Speaking with a mental health professional in a confidential space can help you navigate through any feelings of concern and begin to understand your mental wellbeing, relationships, behaviour patterns, beliefs or somatic responses on a much deeper level. The therapeutic relationship facilitates authentic ways of relating to others and connecting with all aspects of yourself - so you can be more present in your life.

I work with you in co-creating a therapeutic relationship that provides the right conditions for growth and change. Your goal within therapy may include a desire to live authentically, finding different ways to cope or understand your anxiety, trauma or depression, or how to create healthy boundaries in your relationships or at work. Therapy isn’t a linear process yet it can offer an invaluable shift in your life and that’s empowering.

Primarily, I work with anxiety, depression, post-natal depression (PND), trauma & post-traumatic growth. My clinical experience ranges from working with young adults in an inner city college and families and carers of substance users. I work across two practices - one therapy office is now in central Brighton, just off the Old Steine, and my other office is in central Hove. I offer both short-term and long-term counselling for individuals and groups.

If you’ve any questions, then please contact me to have an preliminary consultation on the phone.


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I’m accredited with The National Counselling Society membership which is part of the Professional Standards register and hold an enhanced DBS. My profile can also be found on the Counselling Directory, Psychology Today or Brighton and Hove Therapy Hub.