Counselling can help in many ways. Having a regular appointment where you can discuss, explore and understand what’s happening for you can feel very grounding and holding. Knowing that this space is just for you. Some clients consider therapy as being part of their self-care, ensuring that mental wellbeing is taken care of. A little like going to the gym, but for the mind. It’s consistency, commitment and a willingness to be open to changes in life.

You may have a specific goal in therapy to work towards. Or you may find that what you originally came to therapy for has now morphed into something else, an underlying or unresolved aspect of your Self. You and I will work with whatever you bring to the room.

After considering that you’d like to work with me, you can contact me via my contact form or book an initial phone consultation. We can then arrange a convenient day and time for us to have an initial 10 minute chat on the phone, which is an opportunity for you to ask any questions or to check out any concerns. On our call, we’ll arrange a day and time for you to have your first session.

These initial steps may seem daunting – I appreciate that I’m a total stranger to you. So having a flutter of anxiety or second-thoughts is perfectly natural. In our first session, I’ll spend about 10 minutes at the beginning explaining a little more about our ‘framework’ before the remainder of the session is yours. The framework is an agreement between you and I, so you know my legal and ethical obligations, how to contact me, who I answer to etc in preparation for you & I to commence working together.

In the first session, I’ll ask questions to understand a little more about you and that will include us discussing what brings you to therapy, what your goals or hopes are with therapy, how I work and a general outline of the therapeutic process. As we come to the end of our first session, I’ll ask you to take a couple of days to reflect on whether I’m the therapist for you before we commit to our weekly sessions. And that’s it – first session complete.

After 3 days, I’ll send you an email to inquire as to your decision regarding us working together. From there, we’ll set up our ongoing sessions and all future sessions are yours for the whole 50 minutes – there’s no paperwork after the first session.

Some clients prefer to have a set number of sessions, as this allows them to plan time or finances, or it’s because they’d like to focus on making an important decision. Other clients undertake therapy for several months. With longer term work, I do recommend we take regular breaks - as this aids the therapeutic processes by allowing you space to reflect. And all relationships become healthier when there’s opportunities for space.

Part of therapy is an increase in self-awareness, becoming more aware of our reactions to situations or people, identifying the connected emotions and understanding them. I see our work as collaborative and sometimes I may suggest a book to read, mindfulness or another tool that might guide you to a greater sense of Self. I work creatively and I’m interested in the stories we tell of ourselves. Often, I may use imagery, metaphor, dreams and interventions so we can explore your sense of Self through a holistic lens. Ultimately, I believe in the transformative power of connection.

I work from a humanistic modality, which means that I believe in the human propensity to work towards growth when a facilitative environment is created. In this case, the facilitating environment is our therapeutic relationship.


Below is an outline of the therapy sessions offered at Kemp Town Counselling. There's no limit on sessions - it's entirely up to you how long you wish to have me as your therapist. My role as a therapist is to make myself redundant; by engaging you in your own development and to realise your potential.

Individual sessions - 50 mins

Our first meeting with each other is an opportunity for us to see if we're a 'good fit'. You're investing in the intimate relationship that is therapy, which is an emotional & financial commitment.

Our weekly/fortnightly sessions are 50 mins in length and is the opportunity to explore what's brought you to therapy. And they’re normally at the same time on the same day every week.

Online sessions - 50 mins

Not everyone is able to physically make it into the therapy room, but I don't believe that has to be a barrier in getting the support you need. Online sessions are a video call held over a secure web service and are the usual 50 mins in length.

Online sessions are also an option if you find you're unable to make your regular in-person appointment one week. 

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