Terms of therapy

I feel it’s important to be transparent and at the beginning of our initial session we’ll discuss our therapy framework/agreement/terms and it’s an opportunity to explore any concerns or questions you may have. The agreement between you & I is important - it outlines the professional boundaries of our work, my cancellation policy, my contact details & confidentiality policy.

All contracts are kept confidential and all information, including any notes, are managed in line with GDPR. That is, the information I hold is kept to a minimum and safely stored.

outline of terms

Payment of Fees

Payment is made by cash or card/online at the end of each session, monthly invoice or bank transfer. (Unless you are a participant on any of the group therapy sessions.)

If there’s any issues with making a payment then please contact us. Kemp Town counselling agree to give a minimum of 1 months’ notice of any fee increases so that there’s an opportunity to discuss the change in session.

Cancellation policy

Please note all cancellations or missed appointments, will incur the session fee.

The whole session time belongs to you, whether you attend or not, and your therapist will be present for the entirety of the session. If you arrive part way through your allotted time, your therapist will see you for the remainder of the time. In the event that you fail to attend 2 consecutive sessions without contact, we will assume that you are no longer able to attend.

 We will endeavour to give you as much advance notice as possible in terms of holidays or of any need to cancel a future appointment.

 Confidentiality & Supervision

We will provide the highest level of confidentiality possible according to the law and ethical practice.

All therapists are required to have regular supervision to support professional practice and all cases are discussed using a pseudonym and as no identifying details are used, your privacy would therefore always be maintained. Additionally, your therapist is qualified, accredited with the National Counselling Society, fully insured and has an enhanced DBS to work with vulnerable adults and children.

Your therapist may make brief case notes at the end of all counselling sessions in order to monitor their work and these are always non-identifiable, are kept secure and are destroyed after 3 years.

Closure of Therapy Agreement

You may choose to end your counselling relationship, or find the work draws to a natural ending.  In either case it is important to have a closing session(s) to say goodbye, as this is an integral part of the therapeutic process.

psychological contract

Our psychological contract is what we’ve agreed to focus on in our sessions. This serves as a reminder as to what you’d like to achieve or explore. The psychological contract may be a firm goal or an emerging ideal, it’s something that’s likely to shift slightly over time too. I’m clear with clients as to what can be achievable and we co-create the steps to get there. Otherwise… how would you know that therapy has met your needs?


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