Booking therapy with Kemp Town Counselling can be done via two routes - online through the Harley Therapy booking system or via our contact form. Kemp Town Counselling will then arrange a convenient day and time to have an initial 10 minute consultation on the phone, which is an opportunity to ask any questions or to check out any concerns. On the call, the therapist will arrange a day and time for the first session.

These initial steps may seem daunting and having a flutter of anxiety or second-thoughts is perfectly natural. In the first session, the therapist may spend 10 minutes at the beginning explaining a little about the working agreement - what it is an individual wants from therapy and the boundaries that the therapist works within.

The therapist may ask questions to understand a little more about why an individual wants therapy, what goals or hopes a person has for their therapy. The counsellor may also give an overview or outline of the therapeutic process before the end of the session.

After 3 days, Kemp Town Counselling will email to inquire as to whether regular sessions are to be booked in. Please note: Each therapists has their own individual way of working which means contact may vary.

Some clients prefer to have a set number of sessions, as this allows time to plan and arrange finances, or if the focus of the work is on making an important decision. Other clients undertake therapy for several months. With longer term work, we recommend taking regular breaks - as this aids the therapeutic processes by allowing space to reflect. And all relationships become healthier when there’s opportunities for space.

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